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Former film studios’ blockbuster success with substation installation

Owners of a historic north London site formerly famed as a film studio had signed up a new tenant with significant power requirements. This globally-recognised client operates ‘ghost kitchens’ powering thousands of food deliveries daily. This new facility - a huge commercial kitchen - would operate round-the-clock. Energy demands were huge - and the building’s small substation was insufficient to meet them. The heat was on.

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Battersea Power Station

Appointed by one the UK’s fastest growing utility asset adopting entities, Ingenious have the priviledge of working on one of London’s most iconic regeneration projects, Battersea Power Station. Engaged as the Client’s Agent to review and approve the high and low voltage (HV/LV) design, Ingenious has poured over every detail, challenging and crystalising information presented as necessary to ensure our client acquires a world class asset.

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Substation Design

The Arch Company – 11kv Secondary substation design. Brixton Triangle, Brixton Station Road/Atlantic Road, London. Working within a composite design team, Ingenious were responsible for the design of a new internal substation and associated LV network to serve a commercial development of railway arches within Brixton’s busy and vibrant cultural centre. The substation was designed for adoption by UKPN, the incumbent DNO.

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Substation installation 500kVA Substation installation and new electrical network serving redeveloped retail zone

Substation installation 800kVA Leeds including integral chamber construction 2020

Foodstars New secondary substation design – 11kV

Across all their new sites, Ingenious has been engaged by Foodstars for the design of their new dedicated substations to service their operations. Simultaneously working on in excess of 5 projects, countrywide, within 5+ different network operator areas, Ingenious have developed from concept through to detailed design, new installations for approval and connection to the host DNO’s network under significant time pressures.

Scottish and Southern Energy Major projects capital delivery - 33/11kV Knowl Hill and Totton

Responsible for delivering engineering design concepts and detailed design for SSE projects, managing the project development phase, and providing input in to the economic investment case, identifying the ‘best’ solutions and a deliverable design to the highest HSEQ standards, with an achievable programme.

Scottish and Southern Energy Distance protection replacement scheme (for 7 circuits)

Responsible for design and delivery of engineering drawings for distance protection relay retrofitting work for distribution networks in the South of England. This covered the preparation of conceptual design drawings through to detailed schematics, including updating the clients existing drawings. Optimising the design to take into consideration programme challenges and network outage constraints.

Low Carbon ENA Application and Connection Feasibility studies.

Providing technical and engineering design services to support their connection application and ensure Low Carbon receives the least cost offer and feasible solution from the network operator. The projects mainly cover solar photovoltaic (PV), battery storage and generators between 10MW to 50MW from 33kV to 132kV connections. Reviewing in excess of 30 sites for the client. We managed to reduce their connection cost for their competitive bid with National Grid EFR scheme helping them to secure two 30MW contracts.

Wirsol Energy Reducing grid connection charges for a new commercial PV installation

We successfully reduced Wirsol’s grid connection charges for a new commercial PV installation by challenging the DNO’s connection and switchgear configurations, protection schemes and SCADA communications. We were able to reduce the cost significantly, effectively making the project viable and reducing associated civil works required for the connection. We actively supports Energy Investment companies, ICP’s, IDNO’s and Demand Site Providers and Utility Infrastructure owners.

UK Power Network 132kV & 33kV Protection relay settings study

Protection relay settings study and short circuit study to estimate fault levels to verify the suitability of the equipment rating and recommend protection setting. The study included back-up protection relay grading and coordination.

Western Power distribution 132kV & 33kV Elmdon and Bixhead Substation

Creation of relay IED settings files and logic configuration files using relay manufacturer software tools. The scope also includes the preparation of I/O list, LED list and Functionality Specification Document to assist the site testing and commissioning.

SP PowerGrid Ltd, Singapore Provided technical support and guidance for review of 230/66/22kV 200MVA Power Transformer technical specifications and factory acceptance test reports.

Main objectives includes: to identify any ambiguous or vague requirements in the technical specifications and provide recommendations accordingly; verify the necessary tests, test methodologies, setups, parameters and results etc., to ensure they are in accordance with the contractual requirements, IEC 60076 standards, Employers standards, and to provide recommendations on the correct/expected necessary tests, test methodologies, setups, parameters and results etc., in the event of non-compliance.

G59/3 Testing and Inspection Audit (from 5MW to 50MW plants), UK Witnessing of the plant installation and commissioning status.

This included G59/2 protection compliance checks as an independent reviewer for a leading developer of renewable projects around the south of England and Wales.

SEB Malaysia Investigation of 275kV OHL tower collapse

Undertook investigation as an Independent Consultant for the Energy Commission of Malaysia to identify the root cause and provided technical recommendations to avoid the similar failures.

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