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Ingenious Power Engineering

Ingenious Power Engineering at work


General Enquiries

Call: +44 (0)118 975 8713
Email: hello@ingeniouspe.com


Call: +44 (0)118 975 8713
Email: consultancy@ingeniouspe.com


Call: +44 (0)333 577 3252
Email: connections@ingeniouspe.com

We exist to help our clients:

  1. Make informed decisions
  2. Understand their assets better
  3. Manage their risk exposure
  4. Improve efficiencies
  5. Generate new commercial opportunities
  6. Create new revenue streams
  7. Get projects connected

Utilising superior engineering skills, a thorough understanding of the sector, and the commercial mechanisms available, Ingenious’ service provision gives our clients more.

Business Scope Document

Ingenious Power Engineering’s Business Scope Document is available on request by emailing: hello@ingeniouspe.com

Works in progress

While we carry out our essential utilities infrastructure work, we try to keep disruption to a minimum. We will always try to give plenty of notice and let you know when, and where our works are going to happen, and how long they will take.

Find out more

Ingenious Power Engineering was instrumental when Network Rail installed a new transformer at London Bridge station.

Consultancy expertise

From renewables and future networks, to project management. Bring our expertise to your projects.

New Connection services

From a small single connection to a new substation, we take full responsibility for your new connection.