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Ingenious Power Engineering

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Renewable and Future Networks Consultancy

The future and our joint commitment to preserving the planet has placed renewable energy and the management of electrical networks high on the agenda of not only generators and distributors, but also the everyday consumer.

Whether you are integrating assets into your existing infrastructure, creating new networks, improving existing performance or developing long term strategic plans, Ingenious can help you.

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Infrastructure Engineering Design

Ingenious is a registered, accredited designer for electrical substations sized 11kV – 132kV and all associated infrastructure. From improvements, refurbishments and upgrades to new installations (AIS or GIS), Primary or Secondary, our team provides a total solution, covering all aspects of design.

Ingenious provide a design experience which will exceed your usual expectations. Solutions which take into consideration buildability, minimising variations during construction for better cost planning and a better job, full stop.

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Protection Engineering

Full preparation and definition of protection schemes and relay selection, through coordination studies and relay settings, substation control and engineering design, our engineers are fluent in their understanding of distribution networks, 11kV to 33kV as well as transmission networks, 132kV to 500kV and completely understand the safety responsibilities that are intrinsic with careful protection engineering.

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Project Management

We see project management differently, more than just the prerequisite Gant charts, and budget management, we believe our creative, proactive approach to project management will identify opportunities to improve programme efficiencies and resolve issues which may arise during the delivery of the project.

Our engineers have played a key role in some of the most challenging projects both domestically and internationally. Leading the team or supporting the client’s in-house engineers, in all cases we have played an integral role and have produced tangible benefits for our clients.

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Client’s Agent

In this role, our sole objective is to provide the technical expertise and support required so our client’s position is protected at all times. We reduce, even remove the requirement for an internal HV engineering team, providing you with qualified, lateral thinking, technical capability.

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