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Ingenious Power Engineering

An interconnected mesh of nodes

Protection Engineering



Full preparation and definition of protection schemes and relay selection, through coordination studies and relay settings, substation control and engineering design, our engineers are fluent in their understanding of distribution networks, 11kV to 33kV as well as transmission networks, 132kV to 500kV and completely understand the safety responsibilities that are intrinsic with careful protection engineering.

Our team is flexible and have on occasion worked within a client’s team to help provide a best practice reference check, fresh impetus or even just a reassuring corroborating resource to ensure that their assets are operating safely and within expected technical standards as a minimum.

Our protection services include:

  • Protection settings calculation
  • Relay coordination
  • IED logic file configurations (using software tools Agile MiCOM, DIGSI, REYDISP, CAP)
  • Protection setting files
  • Functionality specification for commissioning
  • Relay I/O and LED list
  • Protection studies, reviews and analysis with appropriate reporting

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As a consultancy we work with various blue chip clients and Ingenious Power Engineering are now a first port of call when we are considering new or upgrading existing utilities supplies.
J. W. Tandy,
Director of Consultancy,

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