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Ingenious Power Engineering


Energy is the fastest-moving sector - with the greatest challenge. Achieving carbon neutrality (net zero) by 2050 needs the greatest minds to be at their very best.

As one of the leaders in this dynamic and demanding industry, Ingenious Power Engineering consists of the most creative thinkers, diligent planners and versatile design engineers.

Ingenious Power Engineering is renowned for risk management and invaluable insights.

In our quest for continuous improvement and to offer partners a peerless service we're growing the team.

Why Ingenious Power Engineering

Striving to be the best means we’re competing with dozens of energy engineering organisations for the very best candidates.

But we’re confident that if you want to play a pivotal role in future energy and infrastructure solutions , Ingenious Power Engineering is the perfect place to succeed.

We’ve played important roles in the energisation of landmark projects. From concept through to detailed design and build, we cover a broad spectrum of infrastructure solutions with pinpoint accuracy.

Every day is different. We’re constantly reviewing our knowledge - because to drive change, we need to stay ahead.

We work with clients needing unprecedented and bespoke solutions. But we rise to every opportunity.

So if you’re looking for variety and to work with colleagues who are driven, powered by passion and determined to find solutions to any challenge, you’re in the right place.

What we need from you

You’ll need to be experienced in energy engineering.

Equally important is your approach. The energy sector of tomorrow looks radically different. Which is why every member of the Ingenious Power Engineering team needs to be versatile, agile, nimble and receptive to new ideas.

Complementing out-of-the-box thinking, we also expect lots of initiative. We want will-do, not just can-do.

It goes without saying we’re focused on results. And we’ll give you the tools and support to bring your A game.

What you need from us

Want an employer keen to invest in your long-lasting, rewarding energy engineering career?

Ingenious Power Engineering is renowned for giving our colleagues what they need to deliver their best. Because it’s only when you’re at your best that we exceed our clients’ expectations - the Ingenious Power Engineering difference.

Ingenious Power Engineering is also different because we mentor one another to become our best. That reflects in the work we do with our clients. They get a fabulous result - and we get the satisfaction of every project being a real team effort.

Get in touch

Send us your CV and a covering letter explaining why you’d like to work with Ingenious Power Engineering.

Once we know more about each other, and if we’re a great match, we’ll give you a call when a vacancy becomes available that matches your skillset and ambitions.

Contact us


Call: +44 (0)333 577 3252