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Ingenious Power Engineering

Ingenious Power Engineering at work

Generation and Storage



Generation and storage opportunities are exciting! Ingenious’ engineering team relish the opportunity to develop conscientious, imaginative solutions for the generation and storage of power.

From single generation to hybrid solutions, our engineering prowess and enthusiasm is clearly visible in every assignment. We are committed to developing and then building world class generation and storage infrastructure with the best manufacturing partners to ensure your assets operate effectively for the entire life span.

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They are focussed, professional, and understand that programme and budget are critical when completing large commercial projects, particularly in challenging circumstances. Beyond the physical works, which is delivered to a superior standard, they proactively liaise with all stakeholders (internal and external), opening dialogue and providing information which gives comfort and reassurance to all impacted by their works.
Matt McCabe,
Contracts Manager,

New Connection services

From a small single connection to a new substation, we take full responsibility for your new connection.