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Ingenious Power Engineering

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Substation Design, Build and Connection

We design and build private and adopted substations. Whether it be a 11kVA secondary substation or a 132KVA primary our attention to detail and commitment to safety and quality are unprecedented.

Every stage of the process, from design through to delivery is scrutinised for opportunities to continually improve the developed solution and keep us sharp.

Our ability to design and build substations within tight timescales and challenging parameters makes Ingenious one of the leading substation design and build companies in the UK. From the quality of our engineering design through to our tradesmen, we ensure whoever the adopting entity may be, that they have complete peace of mind and an asset that will perform as designed for its’ entire lifespan.

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They are focussed, professional, and understand that programme and budget are critical when completing large commercial projects, particularly in challenging circumstances. Beyond the physical works, which is delivered to a superior standard, they proactively liaise with all stakeholders (internal and external), opening dialogue and providing information which gives comfort and reassurance to all impacted by their works.
Matt McCabe,
Contracts Manager,

New Connection services

From a small single connection to a new substation, we take full responsibility for your new connection.