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Ingenious Power Engineering

Ingenious Power Engineering at work

Creating and delivering power engineering solutions.

Better Infrastructure strategies, management, and monetisation of electrical assets.


From renewables and future networks, to project management. Bring our expertise to your projects.


From a small single connection to a new substation, we take full responsibility for your new connection.

Ingenious Power Engineering have completed many complex and difficult projects with ourselves, providing a good quality service to programme and within budget whilst maintaining the highest standards of management, communication and working practises.
J. W. Tandy,
Director of Consultancy,

Measurable benefits

Ingenious is focussed on generating measurable benefits for its’ clients. We create custom solutions that provide tangible gains for the entire life cycle of your power assets, and provide all the strategic and technical support you will ever need. We are a vested partner that succeeds only when our clients realise their objectives, so you can rest assured that your best interests are always at the forefront of our work.

Disrupting not disrupted

Sure-footed and forward thinking, we have the capability to challenge the norm for better solutions – an ability reassuringly underpinned by creative talented minds, sound electrical engineering prowess and financial modelling skills, all ruthlessly challenged by our ‘extension of logic’ qualification ethic. Our work helps identify, create and nourish opportunities for optimum results, so our clients stay at the forefront of risk managed progression.

Built in efficiency

We build the most efficient solutions for our clients. Achieving this may mean pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and operational models, or in some cases completely redefining them. Cutting through the superfluous, we work diligently to give our clients the advantage. We accept the challenges and recognise there is a clear responsibility on us to develop technical solutions which optimise the beneficial outputs for our clients and their stakeholders.