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Ingenious Power Engineering

Canary Wharf’s Wood Wharf and Newfoundlands Residential Towers

Canary Wharf’s Wood Wharf and Newfoundlands Residential Towers

Our Work

Recognised across the world as one of the most important financial centres, Canary Wharf is a bustling hub for business, entertainment, shopping and culture. Piercing the London skyline, Ingenious are excited about supporting as Client’s Agent, two of the newest and most prestigious residential buildings to be built within Canary Wharf within the last few years.

Ingenious have been engaged to review the electrical design, ensuring it is fit for purpose and will provide the longevity and security required for our client to meet its’ operational and business objectives. Considering all aspects of the design, including but not limited to civils, ventilation arrangements, substation configuration and plant suitability, protection and cable route design, we are well versed at identifying important considerations early on so the right changes can be made.

Our other responsibilities include the monitoring of the installation through to its’ completion, reporting back to the client and identifying quality issues and the necessary remedial actions needed to ensure their asset is robust. This presents challenges and on occasion resistance from contractors, however we are clear that our responsibility is to protect our client’s interest so are ready for the scrum.

Our work continues for these development, and for the duration of the build, we will be there every step of the way checking every detail until the site is energised and the residents enjoy their new homes with the reassurance that the electrical infrastructure installed will keep their coffee percolators, well… percolating!

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