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Ingenious Power Engineering

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Infrastructure Engineering Design



Ingenious is a registered, accredited designer for electrical substations sized 11kV – 132kV and all associated infrastructure. From improvements, refurbishments and upgrades to new installations (AIS or GIS), Primary or Secondary, our team provides a total solution, covering all aspects of design. Whether managing and delivering through the entire process on behalf of our clients or working within a composite design team, we provide the quality of output which continually meet the project objectives, typically with a few Ingenious ideas for added value along the way.

We have found that early engagement, even at concept phase, our engineering team are able to provide important input which helps to shape the right solution from the start, preventing costly errors and delays to programme.

Our 3D modelling gives our clients a unique perspective, opening more useful dialogue with all stakeholders, providing context which enables early identification of clash items, or other considerations which may not always be easily identifiable in 2D formats. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the 3D environment and walk through your project or you just want to watch an accurate 3D animation, we can assure you, you will immediately appreciate the benefits our 3D modelling provides. Far from a gimmick, this powerful tool aids the translation from design to construction, reducing ambiguity or misunderstandings.

Ingenious provide a design experience which will exceed your usual expectations. Solutions which take into consideration buildability, minimising variations during construction for better cost planning and a better job, full stop.

For full details of our design capabilities, please do get in touch.

3D Modelling Examples

Manchester Street, Birmingham

Knightsbridge House Substation

Brixton Triangle Substation

Railton Road Project

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They are focussed, professional, and understand that programme and budget are critical when completing large commercial projects, particularly in challenging circumstances. Beyond the physical works, which is delivered to a superior standard, they proactively liaise with all stakeholders (internal and external), opening dialogue and providing information which gives comfort and reassurance to all impacted by their works.
Matt McCabe,
Contracts Manager,

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