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Ingenious Power Engineering

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

Our Work

Appointed by one the UK’s fastest growing utility asset adopting entities, Ingenious have the priviledge of working on one of London’s most iconic regeneration projects, Battersea Power Station.

Engaged as the Client’s Agent to review and approve the high and low voltage (HV/LV) design, Ingenious has poured over every detail, challenging and crystalising information presented as necessary to ensure our client acquires a world class asset.

Taking a pragmatic and considered view of the solution presented within the context of the development, our detailed examination covered switchroom configurations, secondary substations and plant selection, as well as all civils, earthing arrangements and the LV configuration within all building risers to our clients’ boundary.

Throughout the delivery of the project, Ingenious will continue to monitor and audit the installation, ensuring the design we have approved is delivered and that any necessary site driven changes are addressed quickly to prevent delays to the programme and subsequent delays to our client’s monetisation of their asset.

Attending meetings on behalf of our client, engaging with all stakeholders to ensure all matters are proactively addressed and communicated between the respective parties fluently. £9bn regeneration projects do not come along every-day, they present challenges and have nuances which require lateral thinking and the ability to make critical decisions in a timely fashion. These decisions not only impact on our client’s business’ success and reputation, they effect thousands of residents and businesses that rely on continuity of electrical supply to function, within what will be London’s busiest quarters along the River Thames.

Our client has full faith in our abilities and trust Ingenious to protect their position and make the right decisions to secure their revenue streams for the entire lifecycle of their power assets. Let us see how we can help you protect your success by proactively helping you plan for the future and overcome challenges which arise with your power assets.

Consultancy expertise

From renewables and future networks, to project management. Bring our expertise to your projects.

New Connection services

From a small single connection to a new substation, we take full responsibility for your new connection.